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 raven4Hello! My nom de plume is Raven which is either (a) glamorous and mysterious or (b) a harbinger of doom depending on your viewpoint! In reality I am but a humble bookseller (16 years and counting) and this is  a selection of reviews and crime news from one criminally-minded reader to others. 

 I spend all my free time reading and reviewing books across a range of genres for many major publishers and online sites, but after first reading Raymond Chandler and Ed McBain at the tender age of 12, crime novels have a special place in my heart and  so decided to concentrate my blog on the essentially criminal and, what is to me, the wonderful world of crime writing… Read more about the development of my taste for crime fiction here at Marina Sofia’s excellent blog: Finding Time To Write- What Got You Hooked On A Life of Crime Raven?

Please have a good wander round the site for reviews and crime news and feel free to comment on, or sign up to, follow my posts. You can also follow me on Twitter @ravencrime and I also lurk on GoodReads and RiffleBooks…


(Official)FTC Disclaimer: In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, Raven Crime Reads would like you to know that while I do  purchase some books for review, you can assume that the majority of the books reviewed here were sent to me by the publisher or author. Unfortunately, I am unable to commit to reading books in e-book or PDF format and physical copies are usually preferred.  

As always, receiving a book from a publisher or author in no way guarantees a review, and I will always give my honest opinion about  a book. I will endeavour to read all the books I receive, but am always at the mercy of a backlog with working full time as well, so some patience may be required. 

And I do receive a lot of books.

A lot.