Peter May- I’ll Keep You Safe

Tim Baker- City Without Stars

Rory Clements- Nucleus

Alan Parks- Bloody January

Oliver Bottini- Zen and the Art of Murder

 Mari Hannah- The Death Messenger 

Donato Carrisi- The Girl In The Fog 

 Masako Togawa- The Master Key 


Olga Wojtas- Miss Blaine’s Prefect and the Golden Samovar

M.P. Wright- Restless Coffins

David Young- A Darker State

Thomas Enger- Killed


Julia Dahl- Conviction

 Chris Carter- The Gallery of the Dead

 Elly Griffiths- The Dark Angel

 Craig Robertson-The Photographer

Joe Thomas- Gringa

Leo Benedictus-Consent

 James Lasdun- The Fall Guy

Claire MacLeary- Burnout

Roxanne Bouchard- We Were The Salt Of The Sea

Michael Farris Smith- The Fighter


Jane Harper- Force of Nature

Arnaldur Indridason- The Shadow District

Arnaldur Indridason- The Shadow Killer

Snorri Kristjansson- Kin 

Walter Mosley- Down The River Unto The Sea