Erica Ferencik- The River At Night


Jonelle Patrick- Painted Doll

Claire Macleary- Cross Purpose

Andrew Taylor- The Ashes of London

Kate Rhodes- Crossbones Yard

J.P. Delaney- The Girl Before

Rory Clements- Corpus

Su Bristow- Sealskin

SJI Holliday- The Damselfly

Orlando Ortega-Medina- Jerusalem Ablaze

Joe Thomas- Paradise City

E. S. Thomson- Beloved Poison

Chris Carter-The Caller


Thomas Enger- Cursed

Thomas Mogford- A Thousand Cuts

Sara Flannery Murphy- The Possessions

Mikel Santiago- Last Night At Tremore Beach

Nicolas Obregon- Blue Light Yokohama

Hester Young- The Shimmering Road

Laurent Gaude- Hell’s Gate


J. M. Gulvin- The Contract

Kjell Ola Dahl- Faithless

REBLOG: Mark Hill- Two O’Clock Boy

Imran Mahmood- You Don’t Know Me

REBLOG: Abir Mukherjee- A Rising Man


Amer Anwar- Western Fringes

Kerensa Jennings- Seas of Snow

David Young- Stasi Wolf

Steve Cavanagh- The Liar

David Jackson- Hope To Die

Johana Gustawsson- Block 46

Matt Wesolowski- Six Stories

Alexandra Marzano-Lesnevich- The Fact Of A Body

Lone Theils-Fatal Crossing

Various- The Crime Book


Abir Mukherjee- A Necessary Evil

Emma Viskic- Resurrection Bay

Matthew Richardson- My Name Is Nobody

Sarah Stovell- Exquisite

Gunnar Staalesen-Wolves In The Dark

Bill Mesce Jr- Legacy: A DiMarchese Case File


Kristen Lepionka- The Last Place You Look

J. G. Sinclair- Walk In Silence

Clare Carson- The Dark Isle

Philippe Georget- Crimes Of Winter

Frederic Dard- The King of Fools

Emmanuel Carrere- The Adversary

Pierre Lemaitre- Three Days And A Life

Herve Le Corre- After The War

Antonin Varenne- Retribution Road


Nick Kolakowski- A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps

Ausma Zehanat Khan- The Unquiet Dead

A. A. Dhand- Girl Zero

Felicia Yap-Yesterday


Sarah Ward- A Patient Fury


Sinclair Mackay- The Mile End Murder

Piu Eatwell- Black Dahlia Red Rose

Tamer Elnoury- American Radical

Iain Maitland- Sweet William

Benjamin Myers- These Darkening Days

Elina Hirvonen- When Time Runs Out

 Antti Tuomainen- The Man Who Died 

Ragnar Jonasson- Whiteout 

 Lilja Sigurdardottir- Snare