Erica Ferencik- The River At Night


Jonelle Patrick- Painted Doll

Claire Macleary- Cross Purpose

Andrew Taylor- The Ashes of London

Kate Rhodes- Crossbones Yard

J.P. Delaney- The Girl Before

Rory Clements- Corpus

Su Bristow- Sealskin

SJI Holliday- The Damselfly

Orlando Ortega-Medina- Jerusalem Ablaze

Joe Thomas- Paradise City

E. S. Thomson- Beloved Poison

Chris Carter-The Caller


Thomas Enger- Cursed

Thomas Mogford- A Thousand Cuts

Sara Flannery Murphy- The Possessions

Mikel Santiago- Last Night At Tremore Beach

Nicolas Obregon- Blue Light Yokohama

Hester Young- The Shimmering Road

Laurent Gaude- Hell’s Gate