Tom Callaghan- A Killing Winter 

Elena Forbes- The Jigsaw Man (

Patrick Hoffman- The White Van 

Peter May- Runaway

David McCaffrey- Hellbound

Grant Nicol- The Mistake (

 R. S. Pateman- The Prophecy of Bees 

Marcus Sedgwick- A Love Like Blood 

Philip Taffs- The Evil Inside  


Karim Miske- Arab Jazz 

William Giraldi- Hold The Dark

James Carol- Prey (

Torquil MacLeod- Meet Me In Malmo

Benjamin Black- The Black Eyed Blonde(


Mari Jungstedt- A Dangerous Game

Steve Cavanagh- The Defence

Glen Erik Hamilton- Past Crimes 

SJI Holliday- Black Wood

Ben McPherson- A Line of Blood (

Pierre Lemaitre- Camille 

 Michel Bussi- After The Crash

Patrick Manchette- The Prone Gunman 

Patrick Manchette- Fatale 

Luke Delaney- The Jackdaw (


Graeme Cameron- Normal

Helen Giltrow- The Distance

Thomas Mogford- Sleeping Dogs (

Bernhard Aichner- Woman of the Dead 

Bill Daly- Double Mortice (

Liz Nugent- Unravelling Oliver

Anna Jaquiery- Death In The Rainy Season 

Tod Goldberg- Gangsterland

Dolores Redondo-The Invisible Guardian

Mark Henshaw-The Snow Kimono


Andy Boot- No Doves (

Ragnar Jonasson- Snowblind

Cal Moriarty- The Killing of Bobbi Lomax

Christoffer Carlsson- The Invisible Man From Salem (

Liad Shoham- Asylum City

Oscar de Muriel- The Strings of Murder

Ryan Gattis- All Involved

Jill Leovy- Ghettoside


William Shaw- A Book of Scars

 Joe Ricker- Walkin’ After Midnight

Gunnar Staalesen- We Shall Inherit The Wind

Anya Lipska- A Devil Under The Skin

Tim J. Lebbon- The Hunt (


Kate Griffin- Kitty Peck and the Child of Ill Fortune (

Alexandra Sokoloff- Huntress Moon (FBI Thrillers Book 1)

Sarah Ward- In Bitter Chill

Michael Robotham- Life Or Death

Mark Edwards- Follow You Home

Ruth Ware- In A Dark Dark Wood

Ed McBain- So Nude, So Dead

Chris Carter- I Am Death (


Neely Tucker- Murder D.C. (

Jason Hewitt- The Dynamite Room

Simon Sylvester- The Visitors

 S. Williams- Tuesday Falling

M. O. Walsh- My Sunshine Away

Catherine Hunt- Someone Out There

Jax Miller- Freedom’s Child

Doug Johnstone- The Jump

Olen Steinhauer- All The Old Knives (

Ava Marsh- Untouchable (


Piero Chiara- The Disappearance of Signora Giulia

 Alberto Barrera Tyszka- Crimes

Rod Reynolds- The Dark Inside

Hester Young- The Gates of Evangeline

Anthony Horowitz- Trigger Mortis

Kati Hiekkapelto- The Defenceless

Fergus McNeill- Eye Contact

Steve Mosby- I Know Who Did It


Brian Freeman- Goodbye To The Dead

James Nally- Alone With The Dead

Shawn Kobb- Collection: A Rocket Malone Mystery

David Young- Stasi Child

Antti Tuomainen- Dark As My Heart


 Matthew Frank- If I Should Die

Alice Thompson- The Book Collector

Luca Veste- Bloodstream

Andrew Mayne- Angel Killer

Hugo Wilcken- The Reflection

Jo Nesbo- Midnight Sun

Caroline Mitchell- Don’t Turn Around

Denzil Meyrick- Whisky From Small Glasses

 Barbra Leslie- Cracked

Mari Hannah- The Silent Room

Cilla and Rolf Borjlind- Third Voice


 Francis Duncan- Murder For Christmas

 Clare Carson-Orkney Twilight

 Hans Olav Lahlum- The Human Flies

David Lagercrantz-The Girl In The Spider’s Web

 Bram Dehouck- A Sleepless Summer

Simon Toyne- Solomon Creed


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