Tim Adler- Slow Bleed

Tim Adler- Surrogate

M. J. Arlidge- Eeny Meeny

Jean-Luc Bannalec- Death In Pont Aven (www.crimefictionlover.com)

Simon Beckett- Stone Bruises (www.crimefictionlover.com )

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Paula Daly- Keep Your Friends Close

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Clare Donoghue- Never Look Back

Thomas Enger- Scarred

Chris Ewan- Dark Tides

Pat Fitzpatrick- Keep Away From Those Ferraris

Samuel W. Gailey- Deep Winter

Pascal Garnier- The Front Seat Passenger

A. D. Garrett- Believe No One

Tom Grieves- A Cry In The Night

Elly Griffiths- The Outcast Dead  (www.crimefictionlover.com)

Elly Griffiths- The Zig Zag Girl

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 Sam Hawken- La Frontera

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J. G. Jurado- The Tipping Point

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Pierre Lemaitre- Irene

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Malcolm Mackay- The Sudden Arrival of Violence (Glasgow Trilogy 3)

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Becky Masterman- Rage Against The Dying

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K. T. Medina- White Crocodile  

Sam Millar- Black’s Creek

Kanae Minato- Confessions

D. A. Mishani- A Possibility of Violence

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