Jakob Arjouni– Brother Kemal (Kayankaya 5) (2013)

Pieter Aspe- The Square of Revenge. (2013)

Ace Atkins– The Ranger (Quinn Colson 1). (2013)


Linwood Barclay– A Tap On The Window. (2013)

Quentin Bates- Chilled To The Bone (Gunnhildur Mystery 3). (2013)

Brett Battles– No Return. (2013)

Lauren Beukes- The Shining Girls. (2013)

Mark Billingham- The Dying Hours. (2013)

Hilary Bonner– The Cruellest Game (2013)

William Boyd– Solo (2013)

Dan Brown– Inferno. (2013)

Ken Bruen– Purgatory (Jack Taylor 10). (2013)

Ken Bruen & Reed Farrel Coleman– Tower. (2013)

Sheila Bugler– Hunting Shadows. (2013)


Andrea Camilleri- The Treasure Hunt (Inspector Montalbano 16) (2013)

Alexa Camouro– Dixon Grace 1.9.7 Hamburg. (2013)

Massimo Carlotto– At The End Of A Dull Day. (2013)

Chris Carter– The Hunter. (2013)

Chris Carter– One By One (2013)

Ed Chatterton– Down Among The Dead Men (DI Frank Keane 2) (2013)

Michael Clarke– All Day Every Day (2013)


Paula Daly– Just What Kind of Mother Are You?. (2013)

Luke Delaney- Cold Killing. (2013)

Luke Delaney– The Keeper/Redemption of the Dead. (2013)

Paul Doiron- The Poacher’s Son. (2013)

(Ed.) Craig Douglas & Darren Sant– Gloves Off. (2013)

Sabine Durrant- Under Your Skin. (2013)



Hugh Fleetwood- The Order of Death (2013)


Pascal Garnier– The A26. (2013)

A. D. Garrett– Everyone Lies. (2013)

V. M. Giambanco– The Gift of Darkness. (2013)

Robert Gott– The Holiday Murders. (2013)

Elly Griffiths- Dying Fall. (2013)


Mari Hannah- Monument To Murder (2013)

Michael Harvey– The Innocence Game. (2013)

Terry Hayes– I Am Pilgrim. (2013)

 Ian Hough-Flake (2013)


Arnaldur Indridason– Strange Shores (2013)


David Jackson- Marked. (2013)

Steffen Jacobsen– When The Dead Awaken. (2013)

Peter James- Dead Man’s Time. (2013)

Doug Johnstone– Gone Again. (2013)

Will Jordan- Redemption/Sacrifice (Ryan Drake 1 & 2). (2012/2013)


Erin Kelly- The Burning Air. (2013)

J. A. Kerley- The Killing Game (Carson Ryder 9). (2013)

Rob Kitchin-Stiffed (2013)

Hans Koppel– You’re Mine Now. (2013)


Pierre Lemaitre– Alex. (2013)

Anya Lipska- Where The Devil Can’t Go. (2013)

Russ Litten- Swear Down. (2013)

Sean Lynch- Wounded Prey (2013)


Malcolm Mackay- How A Gunman Says Goodbye (Glasgow Trilogy 2). (2013)

John Mantooth– The Year of the Storm/Shoebox Train Wreck. (2013)

David Mark- Original Skin (DS Aector McAvoy 2). (2013)

Val McDermid– Cross and Burn. (2013)

Brian McGilloway- Hurt ( DS Lucy Black 2) (2013)

Derek B. Miller- Norwegian By Night. (2013)

Thomas Mogford– Shadow of the Rock/Sign of the Cross (Spike Sanguinetti 1&2).(2013)


Barbara Nadel– An Act of Kindness (Hakim & Arnold Mystery 2). (2013)

Hakan Nesser– The Strangler’s Honeymoon. (2013)

Hakan Nesser– The Weeping Girl. (2013)

Andrew Nette- Ghost Money. (2013)

Nele Neuhaus- Snow White Must Die. (2013)

Stuart Neville– Ratlines. (2013)

New Irish Crime Fiction- Mark O’Sullivan-Crocodile Tears & Matt McGuire-Dark Dawn. (2013)

Carla Norton– The Edge of Normal. (2013)


Outsiders- Six Italian Stories. (2013)


George Pelecanos- The Double (Spero Lucas 2) (2013)

Louise Phillips- The Doll’s House. (2013)

Sarah Pinborough- Mayhem. (2013)

Ivy Pochoda– Visitation Street. (2013)

Roger A. Price- By Their Rules (2013)

Andrew Pyper– The Demonologist. (2013)


Larry Quartley-Closure (2013)

Anthony Quinn– Border Angels (2013)


Matthew Reilly– The Tournament (2013)

James Renner- The Man From Primrose Lane. (2013)

Beau Riffenburgh-Pinkerton’s Great Detective: The Life and Times of James McParland (2013)

Suzanne Rindell– The Other Typist. (2013)

Craig Robertson- Witness The Dead. (2013)

William Ryan- The Twelfth Department. (2013)


Charles Salzberg– Devil In The Hole. (2013)

Kevin Sampson– The Killing Pool. (2013)

William Shaw– A Song From Dead Lips (2013)

Dan Smith– Red Winter. (2013)

Alexander Soderberg– The Andalucian Friend. (2013)

Cath Staincliffe- Bleed Like Me (Scott & Bailey 2 (2013)


David Thomas– Ostland. (2013)

Simon Toyne-The Tower (Sancti Trilogy 3). (2013)

Helene Tursten– The Golden Calf. (2013)



LUCA VESTE- Dead Gone (2013)

P. D. Viner- The Last Winter of Dani Lancing. (2013)


Kevin Wignall- For The Dogs. (2013)

Kerry Wilkinson– Locked In (DS Jessica Daniel 1). (2013)

Charlotte Williams- The House On The Cliff. (2013)

Dick Wolf– The Intercept. (2013)

Chris Womersley- The Low Road. (2013)


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