Mark Billingham– Rush of Blood. (2012)

Sara Blaedel– Blue Blood. (2012)

Daniel Blake– City of Sins. (2012)

Xavier-Marie Bonnot– The Voice of the Spirits. (2012)


Chris Carter– The Death Sculptor. (2012)

Ed Chatterton– A Dark Place To Die. (2012)

Lee Child– A Wanted Man (Jack Reacher 17). (2012)

Michael Connelly– The Black Box. (2012)

John Connolly– The Wrath of Angels. (2012)

Miles Corwin– Midnight Alley/The Killing Season. (2012)

Andrew Cotto– Outerborough Blues. (2012)

Ethan Cross– The Shepherd/The Prophet. (2012)


Arne Dahl- The Blinded Man. (2012)

Jeffrey Deaver– XO. (2012)

Max Decharne- Capital Crimes (2012)

Steven Dunne- Deity. (2012)


Thomas Enger- Burned & Pierced. (2012)



Sergios Gakas– Ashes. (2012)

Camilla Grebe & Asa Traff– Some Kind of Peace. (2012)


Steve Hamilton– Misery Bay. (2012)



David Jackson– The Helper/Pariah. (2012)

Ryan David Jahn– The Dispatcher/Low Life/Acts of Violence. (2012)

Will Jordan- Redemption/Sacrifice (Ryan Drake 1 & 2). (2012/2013)


J. A. Kerley- Her Last Scream. (2012)


Asa Larsson -The Black Path. (2012)

Niall Leonard– Crusher. (2012)


Malcolm Mackay- The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter (Glasgow Trilogy 1). (2012)

David Mark- The Dark Winter. (2012)

Liza Marklund– Last Will. (2012)

Alex Marwood– The Wicked Girls (2012)

Peter May- The Chess Men (Lewis Trilogy 3). (2012)

Val McDermid- The Retribution (2012)

Val McDermid– The Vanishing Point (2012)

Brian McGilloway– The Rising/The Nameless Dead. (2012)

M. J. McGrath- The Boy In The Snow. (2012)

M. J. McGrath– White Heat. (2012)

Steve Mosby– Dark Room. (2012)

Fuminori Nakamura– The Thief. (2012)

John J. Niven– Cold Hands. (2012)

Clare O’Donohue– Life Without Parole. (2012)

Kristina Ohlsson- Silenced. (2012)

Kristina Ohlsson– Unwanted. (2012)

Luke Preston- Dark City Blue. (2012)

John Rector- Cold Kiss. (2012)

Kathy Reichs– Bones Are Forever. (2012)

Craig Robertson– Cold Grave (2012)

Michael Robotham– Say You’re Sorry. (2012)

Craig Russell– Lennox/ The Long Glasgow Kiss/ The Deep Dark Sleep/Dead Men and Broken Hearts. (2012)

William Ryan– The Bloody Meadow. (2012)

Mark Sanderson– Snow Hill. (2012)

Damien Seaman- The Killing of Emma Gross. (2012)

John Gordon Sinclair– Seventy Times Seven. (2012)

Sean Slater– Snakes and Ladders. (2012)

Mark Allen Smith- The Inquisitor. (2012)

James Thompson– Snow Angels. (2012)

Simon Toyne– Sanctus/The Key. (2012)

Antonin Varenne– Bed of Nails. (2012)

Marco Vichi- Death And The Olive Grove- Inspector Bordelli (2). (2012)

Debbie Viguie-The 13th Sacrifice. (2012)

Ferdinand von Schirach– The Collini Case. (2012)

Louise Voss and Mark Edwards- All Fall Down. (2012)


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