A frankly disappointing October round up…

I’m not going to dwell too long on this (there’s nothing worse than a moany blogger) but think I am probably not alone in the blogging community in hitting a bit of a dry spell in my reading. This pretty much sums up October for me, which proved to be an increasingly frustrating month, where I just struggled to settle on a book. So my DNF rate this month was into double figures, which was rubbish, and also read an additional four books that I really didn’t like. At all.


However, in much better news I have cut a bit of a swathe through my Petrona Scandinavian Crime Fiction Award reading list so will be posting some reviews of these over the coming weeks, and just to give you a heads up that Abir Mukherjee’s new book Death In The East is pretty damn good- will post a review on publication date in November. Obviously I thoroughly enjoyed A. D. Flint’s Brazillian set thriller, The Burning Hill which I did post a review for this month, and have also belatedly started reading Vaseem Khan’s excellent Inspector Chopra series- am thoroughly enjoying the first one. Have also been introduced to a new author Rod Humphris’ Simon Ellice series courtesy of Rat’s Tales independent publishers, and am halfway through the trilogy so will review all 3 books together. There’s been a healthy amount/ never too much book buying of late, so think there should be some goodies there, and hopefully I may be a bit more of an actual blogger this month.


Here’s to November and some proper good reading. Have a good month everyone!


5 thoughts on “A frankly disappointing October round up…

  1. Sorry to hear that you had a dud month. We all have ’em and they’re no fun. Hope November is better for you.

  2. Forces me to explore other genres..getting back into sci/fi after a loooong break,and finally decided sick of middle class angst of domestic thrillers in favour of my beloved police procedurals.So slumps..though frustrating..not all bleak!

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