#20BooksOfSummer 2019 – A game of two halves!

Have been a little under the weather of late, so am a little late on posting my list for the #20BooksOfSummer challenge hosted by the brilliant Cathy746Books.

The aim of the challenge is, as always, to cut a bit of a swathe through our toppling TBRs, or to simply catch up on those books we have been meaning to get to… So by simply selecting to read 5, 10, 15 or 20 books between 3June and 2 September, you too can join in the fun by clicking the link here…

Knowing how woefully disorganised I am at this challenge, I have selected 10 books initially, and have a subs bench of 10 titles too, depending on how my reading pans out.

So here are the first ten books I have selected:

Marie-Else Bragg- Towards Mellbreak

Anna Burns- Milkman

Sam Byers- Perfidious Albion

William Gay- The Lost Country

Georgina Harding- The Gun Room

Michael Hughes- Country

Gabino Iglesias- Coyote Songs

Martin MacInnes- Infinite Ground

Max Porter- Lanny

Mark Thompson- Dust

Enjoy the challenge everyone, and good luck!

8 thoughts on “#20BooksOfSummer 2019 – A game of two halves!

  1. I like your choices very much, and I’ll look forward to your reviews of them. Hope you’re feeling better now.

  2. I’ve decided to read women only for the rest of the year so having great fun consigning the boys back to their cupboards!Reading a Penny Vincenzi,then for something completely different,The Silence of the Girls.Then will choose my other eight.Be well..x

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