March 2017 Round Up and Raven’s Book of the Month

Huzzah! A much more productive reading month and some real bobbydazzlers to boot. Although still woefully behind on my books accrued during February and March, and twenty books in the mix for April, I am being a lot more selective about the books I am choosing to read and review for the blog. So here’s to the lesser known, the new voices, old favourites, and the quirky.  I can still read the big hitters for my day job!  Five abandoned reads last month, including one that I will need to be talking about a lot this month. Ho hum…

Really excited about the upcoming month though with some great new releases and a few blog tours, which all promises some good reading ahead.

And then there’s Easter eggs.


Have a good month everyone!


Thomas Enger- Cursed

Thomas Mogford- A Thousand Cuts

Sara Flannery Murphy- The Possessions

Mikel Santiago- Last Night At Tremore Beach

Nicolas Obregon- Blue Light Yokohama

Hester Young- The Shimmering Road

Laurent Gaude- Hell’s Gate

Raven’s Book of the Month

“Mesmerising, cerebral writing that I cannot praise highly enough”


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