A Quick Message From Raven

_DSC0185 (Common Raven)Hello one and all!

As some people have noticed there has been a significant hiatus in my blogging and social media participation over the last couple of weeks. Rest assured, I have been reading all your posts via other means, and sharing sporadically, as I have finally had to call time on my antiquated technology (it died), and have just ordered myself a sparkly new laptop.

I’ve tried to work on my tiny tablet, but I am not a small elf with better than average eyesight, so that has not gone well (as I peer at the screen trying to put this message together).

So normal service will resume soon when I will be taking part in this…


And posting reviews for this bevy of criminal beauties…


See you soon and thanks for your patience…

3 thoughts on “A Quick Message From Raven

  1. I find impossible to blog on my tablet so I feel your pain. I look forward to hearing about The Book Collector, I have no clue what it’s about but in the old days (BC746!) i would have bought that based on the cover alone!

    1. Hurrah! New tech has arrived. Was a bit naughty with The Book Collector as I too was instantly swayed by the cover, and sat down to read it the day it arrived (usurping my strict date order) 😉

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