April Round Up and Raven’s Book of the Month

APRILWell, it has been another full-on month of crime capers spanning the globe, packed with intriguing plotlines and ingenious killers. Fictionally speaking,  I’ve been to Mexico, France and New York, as well as witnessing some new home grown talent, witnessing murder and mayhem with both psychological and visceral thrills and spills. I think April’s reading has truly produced something for everyone in terms of crime fiction, so have a peruse and find your next read- there’s a lot to choose from!

Books reviewed this month:

Pierre Lemaitre- Irene

Pascal Garnier- The Front Seat Passenger

Claire Kendal- The Book of You

David Jackson- Cry Baby

Bill Daly- Black Mail (www.crimefictionlover.com)

Anna Jaquiery- The Lying Down Room (www.crimefictionlover.com)

Christopher Irvin- Federales

 Sam Hawken- La Frontera

John Stonehouse- An American Outlaw

Mo Hayder- Wolf (www.crimefictionlover.com)

Tim Adler- Slow Bleed

C. L. Taylor- The Accident


Raven’s Book of the Month

As much as I enjoy my voracious appetite for reading, it is incredibly difficult to pick a favourite with twelve to consider. That said, I would give honourable mentions to Brit authors David Jackson for Cry Baby– the new Detective Callum Doyle thriller- and Bill Daly’s debut novel Black Mail, set in Glasgow. Round of applause please for two genuinely unputdownable reads. I would also highlight Anna Jacquiery’s emotive and beautifully written French debut thriller, The Lying Down Room, as something truly special, and Sam Hawken’s multi narrative La Frontera, which perfectly pandered to my fascination with Mexico based fiction. And a tip for all, as I think John Stonehouse with his excellent debut An American Outlaw, will be a name to watch…

pierreOnce again though, my heart belongs to Pierre Lemaitre, with the astonishing, violent, clever, and generally superb Irene. I loved the textual interweaving and name-checking of other classic crime reads, that fuelled the violent activities of serial killer The Novelist, and equally reacquainting myself with Lemaitre’s wonderful and diminutive detective Camille Verhoeven. Superlative crime writing, and with the news that the third Lemaitre novel is currently being translated for the UK release, life doesn’t get any better really does it? An exceptional read.





  1. You did get a lot of reading done this month, congratulations – and it’s quite funny how many of the same books we read over the past few weeks (Irene, Pascal Garnier, Mo Hayder). You’ve sold me on The Lying Down Room, to be added to my groaning TBR. I do like Lemaitre – Irene was just a notch below Alex, but very good nevertheless.

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