March Round-Up and Raven’s Book of the Month

marchAnother busy month of reading and I have still got five reviews to post that missed my end of March deadline, so will be sneaking into April with these- two with more than a touch of ooh-la-la, a couple of trips down Mexico way, and one in deepest darkest Devon. Intriguing huh? Watch this space…


Hopefully, April will be as fun. fun, fun, and there are some genuinely cracking new releases see here! Very excited about The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair– Joel Dicker, Thomas Mogford’s Hollow Mountain, Claire Kendal– The Book of You, John Connolly- The Wolf In Winter and a whole host of other goodies. Exciting…

Have a good month crime fans!

Books reviewed in March:

Clare Donoghue- Never Look Back

Thomas Enger- Scarred

Samuel W. Gailey- Deep Winter

Cilla & Rolf Borjlind- Spring Tide

Paula Daly- Keep Your Friends Close

Anya Lipska- Death Can’t Take A Joke

Chris Pavone- The Accident (

Raven’s Book of the Month:

Now this is a tough one as I am genuinely torn between the Borjlinds’ debut Spring Tide– a Scandinavian delight that just reverberated with all the essential ingredients of this sub-genre, and Anya Lipska’s Death Can’t Take A Joke, the second outing for the Polish hardman with the melty middle- Janusz Kiszka- pitted against the feisty detective Natalie Kershaw in this gritty London thriller.

So,  two books of the month it is!

Spring Tide     Death Can't Take a Joke (a Kiszka & Kershaw Mystery)

I’m such a diplomat or notoriously full of indecision- take your pick, but both great reads. Trust me.






  1. Looking forward to the Anya Lipska one – cultural clashes are my specialty! And, following your review, I’ve put Spring Tide on my reading list as well.
    Don’t want to put you off, but I found the Joel Dicker book a little disappointing – not bad, but not quite up to the hype. Curious to hear what you think of it!

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