February Round-Up and Raven’s Book of the Month

Okay, so despite my best intentions I seem to have fallen behind again with the whole reading and reviewing thing. But fear not, I am already 4 books ahead for March, and have reined in my natural instinct to waste far more time on pointless tasks when I could be reading. Working a treat so far! So eyes down and look in for this, the delights of my February reading which although slowed down by a couple of non-starters (and which had promised so much) was actually not a bad month at all…

Books read and reviewed:

Pat Fitzpatrick- Keep Away From Those Ferraris

Peter Swanson- The Girl With A Clock For A Heart

Luke Delaney- The Toy Taker

Court Haslett- Tenderloin

Tom Rob Smith- The Farm

Elly Griffiths- The Outcast Dead  (www.crimefictionlover.com)

Mark Sennen- Cut Dead (www.crimefictionlover.com)

Chris Womersley- Cairo (www.crimefictionlover.com)

Raven’s Book of the Month

I cannot just leap onto the book of the month without a good dollop of praise for the wonderful Tenderloin by Court Haslett, a new writer to me, and one I shall certainly be watching out for again. Tapping in perfectly to my huge interest in, and regard for, contemporary American crime fiction, this debut was a breath of fresh air, resonating with the look and feel of 1970’s America. Find it. Buy it. Read it.

But to the victor the spoils, as I really cannot fail to award my best read of the month to the mesmerising and intensely personal new novel from Tom Rob Smith- The Farm. This is a book that has repeatedly returned to my mind over the last few weeks, and was so emotive and fluid that it really does fit the adage of a book to lose yourself in. A thought-provoking read that really does serve to demonstrate Smith’s well-earned reputation as an imaginative and assured writer. Marvellous.

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