Anders De La Motte- The Game Trilogy- GAME, BUZZ and BUBBLE

When Henrik “HP” Pettersson picks up a mobile phone on a Stockholm train one morning, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever.The phone’s invitation to play “The Game” is too tempting to resist and he soon finds himself embarking on a series of dangerous missions. The more daring the task, the greater his thrill and reward. But fun soon turns to fear as his Police Detective sister is dragged into the action. As their lives spiral out of control, HP faces a challenge he never expected. Can he outwit The Game before it’s too late, or will The Game play him?
With the simultaneous release of all three books Game, Buzz and Bubble this month,  just wanted to give this trilogy a quick plug as great criminal gifts for the crime fiction lover in your life! I can confidently say that Anders de la Motte has really given the well trod Scandinavian crime fiction genre a wee bit of a shake-up having produced what can easily be dubbed as the illegitimate child of conspiracy techno-thriller and the crème de la crème of Scandi-crime. With its refreshing combination of both, Game takes us to the world of the frankly useless HP, a daydream believer and ex-con, who crawls through life with little sense of personal responsibility, but who has an undeniable charm about him and a finely tuned sense of humour. As he finds himself embroiled in the mysterious world of The Game and begins to embark on a string of financially profitable dares of increasing foolhardiness, he puts himself and those closest to him, in particular his slightly more level headed sister Rebecca, who has more than one or two surprises in her own story as a personal bodyguard, and his long-suffering best friend Farook- a recent convert of Islam and a true geek’s geek- in extreme danger. But does he care? No, not really and blunders on, with his pipedreams of fame and fortune, with quite surprising results at the end….
I will say no more, as obviously Buzz follows fluidly on from Game and then on to Bubble and HP’s craziness continues unabated- I love this character so much- but I can confidently say that all three books are totally brilliant! Being lucky enough to read the first two and getting a sneaky peeky of the third, I really enjoyed the wit, the exceptional plotting, and the total originality in evidence from the very beginning of the trilogy so hats off to Mr de la Motte from me! The translations by Neil Smith are perfect, with the attention to humour and colloquial air to the books making them all such an easy and entertaining read, but fuelled throughout by the atmosphere of tension and danger, so deftly achieved by the author. Inventive, entertaining, but never losing sight of the essential elements of a great crime thriller. Marvellous.
How do you protect yourself from a threat whose existence you cannot prove?After fourteen months in exile, HP misses the thrill of The Game. When he discovers that a powerful IT corporation may be affiliated to it, he begins a dangerous investigation.Meanwhile, his sister Rebecca is threatened by a faceless enemy – are they connected to The Game too?
Until now the truth behind The Game has been carefully hidden in a bubble of disinformation and distraction. But all bubbles burst eventually, and as HP and Rebecca battle to uncover the connection between The Game and their father’s shocking past, it looks like it’ll soon be Game Over…
(With thanks to HarperCollins/ Blue Door for the ARCs)