July Round-Up and Raven’s Book of the Month

 Okay- I’ll start with a big hands-up and confess that despite having read a substantial amount of books this month, I am still a little behind with my posting of reviews. I will try to rectify this as soon as possible, so expect a flurry of activity here over the next week or so!

July marked an overhaul on my blog, changing the appearance and layout to freshen it up a bit. Haven’t received any negative feedback yet so hope you are all happy with the changes. I think it looks rather splendid- Raven says modestly!

However, with such a stellar line-up of reads this month, set in widespread locations and featuring serial killers, hitmen, forensic pathologists, mentally tortured detectives and global conspiracies, awarding the accolade of Book of the Month has been a task and a half! So here goes for my July round-up…


A. D. Garrett– Everyone Lies.

V. M. Giambanco– The Gift of Darkness.

Michael Harvey– The Innocence Game.

Terry Hayes– I Am Pilgrim

Arnaldur Indridason– Strange Shores

J. A. Kerley- The Killing Game (Carson Ryder 9).

Malcolm Mackay- How A Gunman Says Goodbye (Glasgow Trilogy 2)

Nele Neuhaus- Snow White Must Die

Craig Robertson- Witness The Dead.

Dan Smith– Red Winter

David Thomas– Ostland


Not an easy decision this month as there are many here that are definitely worth a place on anyone’s bookshelves. So with this mind, I will extend very honourable mentions to Malcolm Mackay’s How A Gunman Says Goodbye– the excellent follow up to The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter– and Dan Smith’s Red Winter, both of which are worthy runners-up!

Product DetailsHowever Raven’s top book this month has to be David Thomas’ Ostland which moved and enthralled me in equal measure with its sublime blend of crime and history. It is very seldom that a book strikes such an emotional chord within the reader, sometimes through just a single, perfectly realised image and this is one such book. As a said in my review, a book that doesn’t just deserve to be read, but needs to be read.

3 thoughts on “July Round-Up and Raven’s Book of the Month

  1. You have had a fine reading month. I’m extremely impressed with the variety of books you’ve read and they are set in such different places. I’ll be looking forward to your upcoming reviews.

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