Ken Bruen- ‘The Guards’- Jack Taylor – Channel 5

Thursday 21st February- C5- 9PM marks the start of a series of  TV dramatisations based on Bruen’s superb series of book featuring the wonderful private investigator, Jack Taylor. Taylor is an alcoholic loner, thrown out of the Irish police force for punching a government minister. Volatile and at time s violent, Taylor is, however an essentially moral man who despises injustice.

Filmed in Galway, directed by Stuart Orme, and starring Iain Glen (pictured left) as the incorrigable Taylor, C5 are broadcasting ‘ The Guards’ , ‘The Magdalen Martyrs’ and ‘The Pikemen’ (based on ‘The Killing of the Tinkers’). ‘The Dramatists’ has also been filmed with broadcast date tbc. (Scroll down for info on DVD release)



The Guards‘THE GUARDS’- The first title in the acclaimed and bestselling crime series featuring Jack Taylor, a disgraced former police detective from Galway. Mourning the death of his father, Jack is slowly drinking himself into oblivion when he is asked to investigate a teenage suicide. Plunged into a dangerous confrontation with a powerful business-man and with the Irish police – The Guards – who have an unhealthy interest in Jack’s past, he finds that all is not as simple as it at first seemed and a dark conspiracy unfolds…

The Killing of the Tinkers‘THE KILLING OF THE TINKERS’: Jack’s back in Galway a year later with a new leather jacket on his back, a pack of smokes in his pocket, a few grams of coke in his waistband, and a pint of Guinness on his mind. So much for new beginnings. Before long he’s sunk into his old patterns, lifting his head from the bar only every few days, appraising his surroundings for mere minutes and then descending deep into the alcoholic, drug-induced fugue he prefers to the real world. But a big gypsy walks into the bar one day during a moment of Jack’s clarity and changes all that with a simple request. Jack knows the look in this man’s eyes, a look of hopelessness mixed with resolve topped off with a quietly simmering rage; he’s seen it in the mirror. Recognizing a kindred soul, Jack agrees to help him, knowing but not admitting that getting involved is going to lead to more bad than good. But in Jack Taylor’s world bad and good are part and parcel of the same lost cause, and besides, no one ever accused Jack of having good sense…

The Magdalen Martyrs‘THE MAGDALEN MARTYRS’: Jack Taylor is walking the delicate edge of a sobriety he doesn’t trust when his phone rings. He’s in debt to a Galway tough named Bill Cassell, what the locals call a “hard man.” Bill did Jack a big favor a while back; the trouble is, he never lets a favor go unreturned. Jack is amazed when Cassell simply asks him to track down a woman, now either dead or very old, who long ago helped his mother escape from the notorious Magdalen laundry, where young wayward girls were imprisoned and abused. Jack doesn’t like the odds of finding the woman, but counts himself lucky that the task is at least on the right side of the law. Until he spends a few days spinning his wheels and is dragged in front of Cassell for a quick reminder of his priorites. Bill’s goons do a little spinning of their own, playing a game of Russian roulette a little too close to the back of Jack’s head. It’s only blind luck and the mercy of a god he no longer trusts that land Jack back on the street rather than face down in a cellar with a bullet in his skull. He’s got one chance to stay alive: find this woman. Unfortunately, he can’t escape his own curiosity, and an unnerving hunch quickly turns into a solid fact: just who Jack’s looking for, and why, aren’t nearly what they seem…

March 4th 2013- Jack Taylor Series 1 released on DVD in UK

Product DetailsCollection of made-for-TV dramas based on the novels by Ken Bruen and starring Iain Glen as an Irish ex-cop who now works as a private investigator. ‘The Pikemen’ (2011) sees Jack return to Galway, newly sober and determined to stay out of trouble. Will he succeed? In ‘The Magdalen Martyrs’ (2011) Jack is asked to track down an ex-nun who is said to have tortured girls in her care but soon
finds himself subject to intimidation. Finally, ‘The Guards’ (2010) finds Jack in his early days as a private investigator. Needless to say, it doesn’t take him long to get involved in a dangerous case.


  1. Sounds a good series. Thanks for sharing this. I hope it won’t be long before it’s available internationally.

  2. Hey, I stumbled across this blog by accident to see that Jack Taylor has finally come alive. Fantastic! Congratulations! It’s about time. Hope to catch up with sometime soon. DAVID

    • Thanks David! I’m a huge fan of Ken Bruen both the Jack Taylor series and his other books and thoroughly enjoyed the TV series. Would highly recommend you purchase the DVD!

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