Chris Carter- The Hunter

Product DetailsMeet Robert Hunter, the youngest Homicide Detective the Los Angeles Police has ever recruited, on his first day. As a rookie, he is given a simple suicide investigation to cut his teeth on. But when he arrives at the scene, he swiftly begins to suspect that something is not quite right.Despite the fact that the door was locked from the inside, and there is no other way out of the apartment, Hunter has a hunch that the victim did not commit suicide. But with a new Captain to impress and the evidence stacked against him, Hunter has a lot to prove if he is to solve the case and keep his place on the team…

If like me you are awaiting the new Chris Carter thriller with bated breath, and you are in possession of an e-reader, then why not treat yourself to this short story featuring the brilliant Robert Hunter. It’s Hunter’s first assignment as one of the youngest detectives ever to be assigned to the LA Robbery and Homicide division, and Hunter is determined to prove that what appears to be a straightforward suicide is anything but. Railing against the preconceptions of his new colleagues and superiors, Hunter strives to solve this locked room mystery, displaying his natural empathy  for the victim so characteristic of his motivation as a detective in the other books.  From this earliest investigation, we recognise in Hunter the early signs of his intuitive feel for a crime scene and his inherent reading of the psychological impulses associated with murder.  With more than a nod to the deductive skills of Sherlock Holmes and Auguste Dupin, this is a compact little story that sets the scene for readers who have not yet discovered the established series by Chris Carter, and those of us that are intrigued by the early beginnings of Robert Hunter’s police career, having read and enjoyed the series to date. A good little gap-filler whilst we count the days to the new book!

Born in Brazil of Italian origin, Chris Carter studied psychology and criminal behaviour at the University of Michigan. As a member of the Michigan State District Attorney’s Criminal Psychology team, he interviewed and studied many criminals, including serial and multiple homicide offenders with life imprisonment convictions. He now lives in London.

Visit his website at: and read more about Chris here:

My review of The Death Sculptor Robert Hunter (4)

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Product DetailsProduct Details

(I bought my copy of ‘The Hunter’ in Kindle format from


  1. Oh, it does sound like a good ‘un! And Carter is quite talented. The fact that this is an irresistible ‘impossible crime’ doesn’t hurt matters either….. Thanks for the fine review.

    • Thanks Margot! I thought this worked as a condensed piece of writing taking into account the perils of short story writing. Can’t wait for the next full-length book as well 🙂

  2. This sounds really good! I love the premise and your fab review is very tempting. I think I’ll investigate this one further because I don’t know this series yet.

    I am really looking forward to The Chosen Dead by M. R. Hall coming out – I saw you have it in your side panel to read next. I’ve read all the Jenny Cooper books so far and think it’s a great series.

    • Thanks Lindsay! With Chris Carter’s ‘The Crucifix Killer’ I was instantly hooked- v. dark and visceral but totally compelling so I would start with this one to get a real sense of the brilliant Robert Hunter.

      I must confess that I wasn’t totally hooked by the first Jenny Cooper book ‘The Coroner’ so will be interesting to see if this one hits the spot!

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