Mark Sanderson- Snow Hill

Snow Hill

Friday, 18 December, 1936. I went to my funeral this morning…” So begins the diary of John Steadman, an ambitious young journalist in London. When he gets a tip-off about a murdered policeman, he thinks he’s found his scoop. Trouble is, no-one else seems to know anything about it… or they’re not telling. Then John finds someone willing to talk. At least, someone who was. Now they’re hanging from a meat hook in a refrigerated locker and John’s on the verge of a front-page scandal that will make or break his career. But to get to the heart of this dark story, he must first go undercover. Six feet undercover, to be precise. Based on a shocking true story, Snow Hill vividly brings to life a London you never knew about – an underworld that doesn’t officially exist and until now has never been documented.

Junior newspaper reporter John Steadman receives an anonymous tip-off about the mysterious disappearance of a policeman from Snow Hill station. Investigating, he finds himself in a world of blackmail, corruption, sexual violence and murder.
Sanderson’s novel is an uncompromising and, at times, uncomfortable thriller that cuts straight to the middle of the sordid underbelly of 1930s London with a realistic recreation of the atmosphere of the period. This powerful and disturbing crime debut, reminiscent in style to Jake Arnott, is a very enjoyable read, despite leaving you feeling slightly grubby!

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