Kristina Ohlsson- Unwanted

UnwantedA true Scandinavian page-turner, Unwanted is packed with suspense, authentic police procedure and psychological depth…

I thoroughly enjoyed this debut crime novel by Ohlsson and hope it will bethe first of many. What I particularly enjoyed was the pacing of the investigation which made me feel as a reader utterly involved- a true sense thatyou were solving the crime at the same time as the detectives with no unfeasible leaps in the plot or twists and turns for the sake of it. We all knew that Sarawas concealing something in the murky recesses of her past but what was it andhow did it connect to the killer? I liked the way the theme of `family’ was cleverly explored with not only the murder cases destroying two families but how the detectives Peder and Fredrika were brought into this theme as well- Peder who was practically destroying his own family by his affair with a colleague, and conversely how Fredrika was undergoing her own mental turmoil in deciding whether or not to have a family of her own. On the subject of Fredrika, I thought her battle to have her voice heard in the investigation was a very strong hook in the novel and reminded me of the characters of Elinborg in the Arnaldur Indridason books and Alice in the excellent Swedish TV adaptations of the Sjowall/Wahloo `Beck’ stories. I think we all knew that Fredrika had the makings of a good detective but didn’t necessarily have the strength of her own convictions and came across as cold and unyielding until her own investigative tangents kicked in earning her the respect of her colleagues. All in all, Ohlsson has proved herself as another star to add to the fine Scandinavian crime stable and I will be wholeheartedly recommending this novel…

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