John Rector- Cold Kiss

The Cold Kiss

Nate and Sara are broke — and on the run from the past. When a shady hitchhiker offers them cold hard cash for a lift, they can’t afford to say no. But very soon they’ll be wishing they had. Because picking him up is about to become the biggest mistake they ever made — and the price they’ll have to pay will be greater than they could ever have imagined…

I found the setting wonderfully claustrophobic and I loved the way little twists were eked into the plot throughout the book. I thought the characterisation was great as Rector has assembled a good mix of the psychopathic, the natural victims and I liked the way that no-one was essentially good being prey to very essentially human foibles e.g greed. The dialogue was crisp and sharp and reminded me in style of Denis Johnson’s ‘Nobody Move’ and Castle Freeman’s ‘Go With Me’ but retaining the filmic qualities of ‘A Simple Plan’ meets ‘Identity’- a great little debut. If you like this you must read ‘Already Gone’ as well- a good little read with Rector’s trademark sinister twists!

Find out more about the author here:

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