J. A. Kerley- Her Last Scream

Her Last Scream

Across the US, a secret network of crisis centres permanently relocates women in serious danger from domestic abuse. But now someone is killing them before they reach their destinations. Detectives Carson Ryder and Harry Nautilus are having trouble gaining the trust of the volunteers who run the scheme. The only way in is for an undercover police officer to pose as a threatened woman, making herself a target and drawing the killer out. Reinetta Early is the ideal candidate – but she also happens to be Harry’s niece. He always promised his sister that he would keep Reinetta safe from harm. Suddenly he’s unsure if he can even keep her alive…

I’ve been a fan of the Carson/Nautilus series for some time and always look forward to the next instalment but did find myself a wee bit disappointed with this one. Although the central premise of somebody targeting abused women using the modern day equivalent of the old slavery underground railroad was interesting, I’m afraid to say that I did find this book a little stilted in the unfolding of the story. I also thought the rather unbelievable inclusion of Nautilus’ nearest and dearest being thrust into the path of a killer after so little time in the police force did grate on me and also subdued the natural and entertaining interplay between himself and Carson as Nautilus spends the whole book with his panties in a bunch. Whilst not the best of the series new readers could pick up and enjoy this and then have the joy of going back and starting Kerley’s series from the beginning.

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